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Sylvan Wind Studios uses state-of-the-art hardware and software, as well as some of the finest, time-tested vintage instruments and equipment.

Here are some examples:

Dynamic and Condenser Microphones, Headphones.

Signal Processors, Sound Modules, Studio Monitors.

D/A & A/D Converters, Wordclock Generators, Dithering Algorithms.

Microphone Preamplifiers, Compressors, Signal Processors.

Graphic Equalizers, Crossovers.

Dynamic and Condenser Microphones.

Dynamic Instrument Microphones.

Signal Processors, DirectX Plug-ins.

Mixing Consoles, Signal Processors, Control Surfaces. 

Dynamic and Condenser Microphones. 

Instrument Effects Processors. 

Digital Audio Workstation (SONAR 8.5 Producer Edition), Soft Synths, DirectX Plug-ins.

Guitars, Basses, Dynamic and Condenser Microphones. 

Ribbon Microphones.

Signal Processors, Microphone Preamplifiers, Compressors.

Instrument Effects Processors. 

Dynamic Microphones, Power Amplifiers. 

Sampling Technology (hardware and software).

Guitars (electric and acoustic), Basses, banjos, mandolins, Instrument Amplifiers.

Signal Processors, Microphone Preamplifiers, DSP devices. 

Instrument Amplifier Switching Devices, Guitar Effects (Talk Box)

DAW Control Surfaces. 

Power Conditioning Devices, Headphone Distribution Systems. 

Electric and Acoustic Instruments, Instrument Amplifiers.

Amplifier Vacuum Tubes, Microphone Preamplifiers, Condenser Microphones.

Electric Guitars. 

Synthesizers (keyboards and sound modules). 

Synthesizers (keyboards and sound modules). 

Signal Processors, Digital Reverb Units, Convolution Reverb Software. 

Instrument Amplifiers, Guitar and Bass Amplifier Modeling Devices. 

Master Wordclock Generators. 

Analog Mixing Consoles, Control Room Monitors / Subwoofers. 

Instrument Amplifiers. 

Acoustic Guitars. 

MIDI Controllers, MIDI Interfaces, Control Room Monitors. 

D/A and A/D Converters, MIDI Interfaces, SMPTE Generator / Readers. 

Software Synthesizers, Softsynth Control Surfaces.

Condenser Microphones.

Analog Patchbays, XLR Cable Connectors.

Synthesizers and Sound Modules.

Instrument Tuners (hardware and Software).

Multi-Channel Microphone Preamplifiers, DAW Audio Interfaces.

D/A and A/D Converters, DAW Audio Interfaces.

Small and Large-Diaphragm Condenser Microphones, Tube Microphones, Microphone Preamplifiers.

Synthesizers, Sound Modules, Guitar Synthesis, Instrument Effect Processors.

Dynamic and Condenser Microphones.

Dynamic and Condenser Microphones, Microphone Preamplifiers.

Audio Editing Software, Mastering Plugins.

DAW Control Surfaces.

Acoustic Guitars.

Signal Processors, Guitar Effects.

Guitar Synthesis.

DSP Excelerators, VST Software Plug-ins, Microphone Preamplifiers, Compressors / Limitors.

VST and DirectX Software Plug-ins.


Portable Digital Audio Workstations, Digital Pianos, MIDI Sound Modules, Signal Processors.

Instrument Effect Devices.

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