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Recording The Band

Sylvan Wind Studios has excellent sounding rooms with plenty of space to record your band LIVE as a band!

We use a high-quality, multi-channel headphone monitoring system. This allows each band member to adjust the queue mix to suit their individual needs, and insures that what you hear in the cans will facilitate an inspired performance.

As the signals are recorded to the digital domain (using the highest-quality A/D-D/A converters from Apogee, MOTU, and RME), you can rest assured that the sound will be warm and vibrant through the use of multiple high-quality tube and solid-state microphone preamplifiers, compressors, and equalizers during the tracking process.

Our diverse microphone collection will guarantee great results in capturing all the details of each instrument.

Not just audio... MIDI as well!

With a 384-channel MIDI and WORDCLOCK network available throughout the studio, your MIDI performance and controller data will be recorded precisely and remain accurately synchronized with your audio tracks.

Don't have MIDI gear? We have many MIDI controllers, numerous hardware and software synthesizers and sound modules, and samplers available to suit every possible sound design need.** Whether you need accurate piano or orchestral sounds, or something a bit more out-of-the-ordinary, our extensive sound library will have the sound you are looking for.

** NOTE: Additional charges may apply.

Composition Assistance for Songwriters

Do you have a song idea and need help composing the music?

Are you a singer, but do not play an instrument?

Are you in a band, ready to record, and need an additional player to make things sound right?

Sylvan Wind Studios can assist in each of these instances. We have musicians available that play a variety of instruments. Our musicians will help you take your performances to the next level.

Remote Recording

When your project requires recording your performance outside of the confines of a studio (i.e., your live concert), let us bring the studio to you! We can work in conjuction with your sound reinforcement crew, or independently, to capture every detail of your performance. We can then provide editing and mastering services to prepare these recordings for retail distribution.

Call us for a free consultation.

Disk Duplication

Sylvan Wind Studios is your one-stop for disk duplication, graphic design, and merchandise. Whether you need just a few copies of your demo, or thousands of retail-ready CD or DVD-A disks, we can provide an affordable solution for your duplication needs.

Call us at (972) 542-9090 for more information.

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